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Always moving,
always evolving,
always growing.

Domar is a company with feet on the ground – our ground, and a worldwide vision. Our roots are in Jesce, Matera’s industrial area. This is where Antonio Lorusso’s dream come true by the idea of combining technology, design and Italian excellence.
Traditional and authentic values have inspired the company to become a modern, innovative and dynamic enterprise that today aims at meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Past and future always travel together. This is also our case, where the stylized “A” of the founder goes hand in hand with the name of the company, celebrating Domar’s both historical and evolving identity.
This is Domar. A company that has grown day after day, challenge after challenge, until it has reached over one-hundred countries in five different continents. A company that despite its expansion is able to maintain bonds with its traditional values while exceeding expectations, generating new ideas, new projects and new goals.
We are a company with a long-term vision, a company that believes in dreams and in our ability to accomplish them. Every success for us is an opportunity for newer targets; because we believe the best way to celebrate history is by rewriting it, making it bigger every day.

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